Assessment: Are You a Do-It-Yourselfer?

This quick self-assessment helps you identify your natural level of tendency to 'do-it-yourself.'  Are you inclined to forge ahead briskly, or are you more the cautious, reluctant type?  Either way, how will this impact your succession planning?


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I am cautious about big-ticket purchases, to avoid being wasteful.
Though I appreciate an ‘expert’ opinion, no one knows my situation better than I do.
Family relationships, clear understanding and common vision are very important to continuing family harmony.
No matter how well-meaning, no professional advisor can know what’s in my heart.
I want to better understand my options for tax planning, mitigating the estate tax, and transitioning the operation to a well-prepared next generation.
To be sure a job is done right, I might have to do it myself.
Some people don’t know what they don’t know.
I want my family involved in all phases of planning process.
Family members who are dependent on the farm/ranch will want to be part of the planning process.
The more I learn, the better I can react to changes in the family, the operation, business climate, agriculture practices, etc.
I am committed to making Legacy a family value.
With the right tools and a strong desire, there is nothing I can’t achieve.
Learning together, the family and I will be better prepared to adjust to changes in the economy, family, farming practices, or agricultural industry.
Allowing each person to help with the succession planning process and holding them accountable for results will make them better leaders.
Leadership skills are developed in direct proportion to the responsibilities a person assumes.
Rather than allow others, I prefer to control the outcome.
I prefer being an active participant, rather than a spectator, in sports, work, hobbies, and games.
People learn more by doing.
With the right guidance, succession planning should be a satisfying family pursuit.
Though I hope it’s not necessary, a safety net will allow me to accept a challenge knowing I have a fallback plan and plenty of help.
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