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Comprehensive and Coordinated, Part 2

With the right combination of tools and techniques, John and Sara now have a secure retirement. They’ve sold the operation to the next generation, secured the land as a family legacy for their descendants, and substantially reduced their exposure to the estate tax. Succession planning and wealth management, they learned, are not just about money. The process is about helping people make good decisions and planning for the future.

Every Farm Has A Story

For Bret Davis and Wade McAfee of Delaware, Ohio the story may be managed growth, measured risks, and meticulous execution. According to Corn, Soybean-Growing Pair Have No Offseason on the Farm, by JD Malone of The Columbus Dispatch, though relatively small compared to neighboring operations, this unlikely pair is realizing success on the farm as fourth and fifth generation farmers.

We Owe Each Other Clear Communication

Whether you’re among the senior, middle, or younger generation, communication is your responsibility. As co-workers, family members, partners, and employees, we owe each other candid dialogue---which includes clear statements, open ears, and certain feedback.