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Comprehensive and Coordinated, Part 1

A comprehensive succession plan is comprised of four separate, yet interrelated building blocks---Financial Security, Ownership Transition, Leadership Structure, and the Estate Plan. Due to their situation, it was very important to start with an analysis of John and Sara’s financial security. Logic dictates that until someone is reasonably comfortable with their financial situation, and the means of support for the rest of their lives, they won’t be willing to make the decisions and take the actions necessary for succession.

eLegacyConnect Introduced at Commodity Classic

Introduced to a packed house of over 500 corn, soybean, wheat, and sorghum producers at the recent Commodity Classic: "eLegacyConnect is a huge reference library of information and resources to assist today’s farm families in creating an effective succession plan..."

Commodity Classic was a Success for eLegacyConnect!

Thank you to the organizations and participants that helped to make Commodity Classic a success for eLegacyConnect!  We are grateful for the opportunity to be included, and it was very inspiring to see that succession planning is such an important issue for so many people. It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to next year! 

Limited Time Membership Pricing!

For Commodity Classic, eLegacyConnect is specially priced at $9.95/month.  For a limited time you can join for a low monthly rate or save more with an annual membership priced at $99.95. eLegacyConnect provides the succession solutions you’re looking for, in a readily available format, with plenty of supporting information, and professional advisors who are well-versed in succession planning and willing to help.