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The Family Business

Though lifestyle is important, it might not be enough. It's important to use proven business tools to manage the operation...

If Your Succession Matters; Hire a Professional

Planning for succession is a serious business. The endeavor may require the assistance of legal, financial, and accounting professionals. Some cases may call for the oversight of a family business consultant or even a family psychologist. Your goals, the family’s circumstances, and business matters will dictate the type of professionals who should be involved in your planning process.

Who Benefits from a Succession Plan?

A comprehensive succession plan includes designs pertaining to a sustainable business model, leadership development, financial security/capital management, ownership transition, and an estate tax strategy. All of these elements combine to create a business that will endure beyond the current generation.

5 Benefits of Mentor/Protégé Relationships

Though they come in many different forms and from a variety of experiences, a mentor is far more than a luxury for those who aspire to extraordinary achievement. A mentor, be it a family friend, distant relative, experienced neighbor, classroom instructor, co-worker, or written biography, can give guidance and lend confidence to an aspiring leader. A mentor should be standard equipment for every protégé desiring to make a difference. 

"There's Only Two Kinds..."

“…the quick and the dead,” is a commonly used refrain from Tom Peters. Though the comment probably originated as a reference to gunfighters of old, the sentiment rings true when referencing business leaders today---albeit with significantly less carnage.