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Is Communication Just Speaking?

I ask "Is Communication Just Listening?" in order to discuss the crucial importance of actively listening.  The article is the Coaching Tip in my monthly free email newsletter, LearningEdge Monthly.  Email me at to subscribe. 

Veterans Claim Your Pensions Before the Rules Change

Claim Your Wartime Veterans Pension before the Rules Change! Wartime Veterans Can Qualify for Tax Free Pensions.  In order for most individuals to qualify they must have medical expenses such as nursing home or health care costs.  Currently it is realitivly easy to qualify by making allowed transfers of assets.  However, the VA is considering changing the rules.  Guess what?  Most family farmers will not qualify because the proposed rules limit the home to it and 2 acres.  Most attorneys who practice in the field recommend that those who are or may become qualified to receive the benefits act now.

Nursing Home Threat to Succession Plan

You have a great succession plan, then life happens.  Dementia, stroke, Alzheimer’s or some other ailment leaves you not only unable to work, but in need of 24 hour care.  Nursing home expenses can quickly require the liquidation of assets.  Medicare covers part of the cost for a maximum of 100 days in some situations.  What can you do? It is best to plan before the need arises.  Without proper planning the major assets of the farm may have to be liquidated in order to qualify.