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Leadership Lesson: What is Leadership

In this entry of Leadership Lessons, we investigate the oft used, seldom understood term LEADERSHIP.  In the last 60 years farm business owners have transitioned from primarily hard workers to workers plus operational managers and now to workers plus opeational managers plus leaders.

Every Farm Has A Story

For Bret Davis and Wade McAfee of Delaware, Ohio the story may be managed growth, measured risks, and meticulous execution. According to Corn, Soybean-Growing Pair Have No Offseason on the Farm, by JD Malone of The Columbus Dispatch, though relatively small compared to neighboring operations, this unlikely pair is realizing success on the farm as fourth and fifth generation farmers.

Together We Will Shape Our Industry

Know that others are keeping track. Consumers, watchdogs, and adversaries are taking notes and grading everything we do. It’s not just words that will shape our industry, it’s each one of us acting alone and in concert to create paths of empathy and understanding. Together we can make a difference.

A Real Leader

“What is leadership?” That age old question has been teasing us for generations. Gurus often cite the characteristics of a leader. Others quote famous passages from field generals of yore, and still others share examples of respected titans of business they hope will exemplify the leadership qualities we all aspire to. Yet, the question itself is almost unanswerable.

Conducting Effective Family Meetings

In my inbox today, I found a tutorial about conducting effective family meetings. Though I utilize a family meeting as the basis for all my succession planning engagements, Dennis Jaffe and Stacy Allred, the authors of “Talking It Through - A Guide to Conducting Effective Multi-Generational Family Meetings About Business and Wealth”, offer some great advice.