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Who Benefits from a Succession Plan?

A comprehensive succession plan includes designs pertaining to a sustainable business model, leadership development, financial security/capital management, ownership transition, and an estate tax strategy. All of these elements combine to create a business that will endure beyond the current generation.

Fair and Equitable

Most people strive for ‘fair’ outcomes. However the term is subject to perspectives, ethics, values, and any number of other interpretations. For parents and grandparents, the fair versus equal conundrum can undermine even the best relationships. But what if you could measure the contributions of an on-farm child who is active in the operation and contributing to operational success?   

Multigenerational Success is the Goal

Lately I’ve been working with family operations to define roles/responsibilities related to growing capabilities across the management team. Though a big exercise, it starts with commitment and each step along the path helps the people involved prepare the next and the next one after that…