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Is This Your First or Last Family Meeting?

A well run and constructive meeting is result of art and science. It takes practice and experience to generate a pleasing result. So, if at first you’d don’t succeed, don’t give up. There’s always a next one and the next one after that…

Getting a Legacy Up

Once a family has significant wealth, the problem becomes how to preserve it for future generations—a surprisingly difficult task...

It's Never Just 'Once and Done'

The demands of a changing industry, the needs of a growing operation, and the desires of family business owners require a leader who’s engaged in professional growth and personal development.

Stuck in the Middle? Use an Operating Agreement

Though it’s a family business, a farm owner must separate operational decisions from family matters. He must be able to work with the team, give direction, hold people accountable, and expect results without the threat of an emotional meltdown around the dinner table.

3 Questions to Determine: Is a Buy/Sell Necessary?

A buy/sell agreement may be the most important, yet most misunderstood and unappreciated document in the succession planner’s arsenal. In its most basic form, a buy/sell agreement insulates the operation from unwelcome owners. It ensures an opportunity for the business to continue when faced with catastrophe, i.e.: death or disability of an owner. A well-crafted buy/sell agreement may serve as referee for disputes between owners before they reach a breaking point.