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Succession Through Relationship

Too often family business owners limit succession planning to the legal and financial mechanisms required. Yet the quality of relationships between family members is what will spell the difference between success and failure in the succession process.

Featured Advisor: Jana Hageman

We’re pleased to introduce eLegacyConnect Featured Advisor: Jana Hageman. Jana is an associate in the Agribusiness, Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning, and Real Estate Groups at Bose McKinney & Evans. Armed with a background in agriculture, Jana works with farm families and agribusiness owners to resolve their legal and business needs.

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Resolving conflict can be a difficult, sometimes overwhelming undertaking, especially with family or people you work closely with.  Passions run high, opinions are strong and sometimes there can be a significant amount of baggage fueling the fire of conflict. 

Cost of Conflict

As humans, it is not in our nature to agree on everything all the time.  Conflict in the family business can be detrimental to the success of the business.  It negatively affects productivity and can become very costly.  Have you ever thought about the dollar value of a disagreement?

eLC on ASA

We are proud that eLegacyConnect is a member benefit for American Soybean Association.  We look forward to a continued productive partnership with ASA and its members as we collectively work to bring the best succession planning information, tools and resources to farm families.