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Start with Some Simple Decisions

eLegacyConnect’s newly-featured tool is designed to help you settle on specific goals for the farm, your family and the future.  By responding to 48 questions, you’ll make a series of ‘simple decisions,’ and go a long way toward understanding your own most heartfelt priorities and intentions.   Respond Yes, No, or N/A to each item – and use the comments section to note details, including fill-in responses or special considerations.  Get started now to sharpen your objectives, and prepare to take action.  Ultimately, simple decisions can add up to real progress...

10 Advantages to Designing your Transition Strategy Now

The optimal succession plan usually combines a transfer of both ownership and management of the business to the owner’s successor(s) over a number of predefined years during the owner’s lifetime.

Farm Trust

The right plan for your farm or agribusiness will always be based on your goals.  Should you consider a 'farm trust' as you prepare to transition the farm to a next generation?