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Time is Running Out...

Does it seem like you are hearing more about estate planning lately? Well, you probably are. The financial press and estate planning professionals (lawyers, CPAs and financial advisors) have all been working hard to get the word out that people need to act before the end of the year to take advantage of an unprecedented, and perhaps even historic, opportunity in estate planning. It’s a simple message, but one with tremendous impact: For the rest of 2012 only, which is quickly coming to a close, every American can transfer up to $5.12 million* free of federal gift, estate, and generation-skipping transfer tax. * Minus certain gifts made in prior years.    

Communication, Communication, Communication

Effective dialogue will help you achieve your succession objectives. Meeting on a regular basis through the discovery, design, and implementation phases of succession planning will not only expedite the process, it will keep all active parties informed.

Succession Discovery

Discovery is the process of learning everything possible about you, your operation, and your succession intentions. This step involves a thorough analysis of all available emotional/factual information to help make recommendations for the preliminary stage.

Defining Your Vision

Preliminary planning is the "try-on" phase in the succession planning process. Preliminary planning is often referred to as the "try-on" phase in the succession planning process.

Achieving Your Vision

The core of the final plan is an implementation schedule with actionable steps to achieve your succession goals. A final plan for your sucession should really be referred to as a "working" final draft.