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What If...?

What if succession planning didn’t get mired in emotion and tangled in a web of dissension? Experience shows families hesitate to engage in the succession process due to a ‘powder keg’ of explosive issues.

Are YOU Ready for the Busy Planting Season

The following is an article from the Coaching Tips column in my monthly enewsletter LearningEdge Monthly.  Please read on to take a people focused view of readiness for the busy planting season.

Family Owned...

On March 17th the USDA released ‘Family Farms are the Focus of New Agriculture Census Data’ and declared that 97% of all U.S. farms are family-owned. The summary of the report goes on to say, “Family-owned farms remain the backbone of the agriculture industry,” and I might add, the soul of our rural communities. With these facts, the dissension and demagoguery should stop. An attack on farming is an attack on our communities and ‘we the people.’

Irrelevance, really?

In his weblog of August 13, 2013, Morrison explains his rationale for ‘seeking irrelevance.’ As the founder he realizes that in order for the business to continue beyond his watch, he’ll have to transition the ownership and management to a well-prepared next generation. As a leader, part of his responsibility is to encourage future leaders in the firm to step up, become accountable, and even make mistakes.

Leadership Lesson: What is Leadership

In this entry of Leadership Lessons, we investigate the oft used, seldom understood term LEADERSHIP.  In the last 60 years farm business owners have transitioned from primarily hard workers to workers plus operational managers and now to workers plus opeational managers plus leaders.