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Rules of Engagement

As a clear and concise document, the family employment policy should spell out, in specific terms, the conditions in which a member of the family may seek an employment opportunity. Absent a written policy, parents may be held to unreasonable expectations when it comes to employing their kids and other relations in the farming operation.

What's Your Value Proposition?

Every family operation requires leaders with a variety of skills and a diversity of interests. Tomorrow’s leaders will fill positions and do jobs that aren’t even defined today. So, how do you measure up? Do you have the skills and abilities necessary to help grow the operation? Being fair to yourself and straightforward regarding the depth and breadth of your capabilities, consider your value proposition – what are the quantifiable benefits that you can deliver to the family business?

We Owe Each Other Clear Communication

Whether you’re among the senior, middle, or younger generation, communication is your responsibility. As co-workers, family members, partners, and employees, we owe each other candid dialogue---which includes clear statements, open ears, and certain feedback.