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Fair and Equitable

Most people strive for ‘fair’ outcomes. However the term is subject to perspectives, ethics, values, and any number of other interpretations. For parents and grandparents, the fair versus equal conundrum can undermine even the best relationships. But what if you could measure the contributions of an on-farm child who is active in the operation and contributing to operational success?   

Multigenerational Success is the Goal

Lately I’ve been working with family operations to define roles/responsibilities related to growing capabilities across the management team. Though a big exercise, it starts with commitment and each step along the path helps the people involved prepare the next and the next one after that…

That Time of Year Again

For farmers fall is for harvest, for families it’s for holiday dinners, and for family agribusiness owners it’s for planning. Like planting in the spring, farmers should think of planning in autumn. A comprehensive succession plan is your opportunity for renewal. Fall is a time of optimism and rejuvenation.

5 Benefits of Mentor/Protégé Relationships

Though they come in many different forms and from a variety of experiences, a mentor is far more than a luxury for those who aspire to extraordinary achievement. A mentor, be it a family friend, distant relative, experienced neighbor, classroom instructor, co-worker, or written biography, can give guidance and lend confidence to an aspiring leader. A mentor should be standard equipment for every protégé desiring to make a difference. 

Supervisory Responsibilities are Different

Most farm employees and owners are well trained to work with cows and crops.  When they become a supervisor the logical tendency is to use skills that have worked well with cows and crops with people. The challenge and the wonderful opportunity is that people have three unique attributes - they can speak, think, and feel.  These attributes require very different approaches than those learn managing cows and crops.  Read on to learn the differences and the similarities.